U.S. Navy Announces Return of USS Abraham Lincoln Post 10-Month Mission

The U.S. Navy has declared that the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group reached Naval Air Station North Island on January 20, underscoring the end of a 10-month deployment to the U.S. Fleet 5, Fleet 6 and Fleet7 areas of control.

The strike group was deployed on April 1 from Norfolk, Virginia, in support of maritime stability and safety.

With flagship, USS Abraham Lincoln embarked airwing Carrier Air Wing 7, and the staffs of Carrier Strike Group 12 and Destroyer Squadron 2, the strike group sailed east all the way around the globe.

The strike group was sailed to the U.S. Fleet 5 area of control in May, in response to credible threats to maritime safety. Over the course of its seven months in theater, the strike group sustained essential presence operations to discourage aggression.

It further carried out combat missions in support of Operations Freedom’s Sentinel and Inherent Resolve, ultimately flying 392 fight sorties and over 28,000 flight hours.

The strike group took part in various multilateral maritime warfare exercises with militaries from Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain that promoted proficiency across platforms and services.

Building on leader engagement efforts, Abraham Lincoln hosted international leaders along with quite a few ambassadors, chiefs of state, directors of defense, and NATO representatives from regional aides.

Demonstrating the U.S. Navy’s ability to function alongside sister services and to aggregate credible combat forces wherever on this planet, the strike group further carried out combined operations with the John C.

In the U.S. 7th Fleet, the strike group carried out flight operations inside the South China Sea in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific.