Trump Management Ignores Congress, Refuses to Turn Over Import Probe Report

The Trump management is neglecting Congress by refusing to turn over a report telling an inquiry into national security dangers potentially posed by imported automobiles and auto components, citing pending international agreements and executive branch deliberations.

Congress included a provision in a bill in December demanding the White House turn over the long-held secret government report that U.S. Prez Trump used to declare in May 2019 that some unnamed imported vehicles pose risks to national security.

Trump opted not to levy any immediate duties on imported vehicles or auto components due to the alleged security risk and then ordered another six-month review on a decision on tariffs of up to 25%.

The delay was to permit more time for trade discussions with the EU and Japan.

An individual briefed on the subject stated Trump had relied on a Justice Division opinion to order Commerce not to submit the report under a Section 232 probe.

On Tuesday, Trump stated he was nonetheless contemplating levying tariffs and mentioned imported European autos particularly, without singling out any brands.

The Justice Division’s opinion Tuesday stated Trump was justified in “withholding the report until the decision of diplomatic discussions” and any subsequent action. It stated he might “depend on the constitutional doctrine of govt privilege to say no to release the report.”

Some U.S. legislators wish to restrict presidential authority to invoke the tariffs on national safety grounds.

In May, Trump mentioned he agreed with the undisclosed report’s finding that discovered some imported vehicles have been “weakening our internal financial system” and threatened to damage U.S. national security.