BAE System Wins $400 Million Next-Gen Armoured Vehicles Dvelopment Deal

The Defense Division introduced Tuesday a contract worth about $400,9 million for procure 160 Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles or AMPVs.

In response to a recent service press release, BAE Systems Land & Armaments LP has been granted a $400.9 million modification to a previously awarded contract for procuring new AMPVs.

Work will be carried out in New York, Pennsylvania, with an estimated completion date of February 2023.

The AMPV is a mature, cost-efficient solution that leverages the most advanced and proven fight vehicle designs.

It meets the Army’s power protection and all-terrain mobility necessities, enabling the AMPV to maneuver with the rest of the Armoured Brigade Combat Team.

Within the ABCT reduces developmental threats and streamlines maintenance, offering significant cost savings to the Military.

The AMPV’s five variants–a general function vehicle, mission command automobile, mortar carrier, and medical evacuation and remedy vehicles– have almost 80% more interior volume than their predecessor, and considerably more energy and survivability.

Cooling and electrical programs are upgraded to accommodate existing as well as future upgrades.

The AMPVs are being built with more powerful armor and larger mobility than the automobiles they’re replacing.

The upper levels of survivability accomplish two key goals.

Based on, the U.S. Army plans to purchase 2,897 Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles at a total value of $10.723 billion ($3.7 million per vehicle).