Military Health Department Releases Statement on Deadly Coronavirus

The U.S. Military Health System Communications Office has released a statement on the deadly coronavirus: what suppliers and sufferers should know.

With news of the contagious and probably deadly illness called novel coronavirus grabbing headlines worldwide, military health officers say that an informed, commonsense approach reduces the possibilities of getting sick.

Many forms of coronavirus exist among both humans and animals; however, this new strain’s lethality has triggered a considerable alarm and believed to have begun at an animal market in Wuhan. The virus has sickened thousands and killed over a hundred. It has since spread to different parts of Asia.

The first case of a novel coronavirus in the U.S. was reported on January 22 in the state of Washington.

Anyone contracting a respiratory illness shouldn’t assume it’s a novel coronavirus.

Shih understands that service members posted in areas of strategic importance and elevated states of readiness are not essentially in the position to call in sick.

In such situations, sick workers still can make moves to practice effective cough hygiene and use whatever hygienic companies they’ll find to avert hindering readiness by making their fellow military members sick.

First, keep away from all less important travel to Wuhan, China, the epidemic’s epicenter.

Second, sufferers who traveled to China in the past 14 days and present signs including fever, cough or respiratory problems, ought to seek medical care instantly, calling the physician’s office or emergency room in advance to report travel and signs, and otherwise avoid contact with others and travel while sick.