Uber to Provide Certain Drivers with Disinfecting Car Sprays in U.S.

Uber Technologies will start offering disinfecting car spray to selected drivers in areas most struck by the coronavirus pandemic, an executive stated Thursday.

Uber to Provide Certain Drivers with Disinfecting Car Sprays in U.S.

The corporate had promised to provide drivers with sanitizers in early March. Then it halted all of its local hubs, places where drivers can go to receive in-person assistance or use the bathroom, leaving drivers in the dark over where to obtain supplies.

Uber senior VP of global rides and platform operations, Andrew Macdonald, wrote on Twitter that the company had received an initial batch of 30,000 bottles of disinfecting spray by Atlanta-based firm Zep.

He stated selected drivers could place an order in the app and obtain shipment free of cost.

Beforehand, Uber stated suppliers had prioritized orders for healthcare, with its own orders being moved down the queue several occasions.

Lyft last week stated it had distributed many provides to drivers while its hubs have been still open and were working a way to distribute them now, however, it declined to provide further details.

Ride-hailing demand has gone to a halt in many U.S. towns, with a majority of Americans now under lockdown.

The epidemic has exposed drivers and corporations to the downside of an ambiguous contractor model, leaving drivers more vulnerable than regular employees.