U.S. Army Moves UAMTF to East Cost to Support Coronavirus Relief Effort

On Saturday, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) declared that the Army had transferred eight Urban Augmentation Medical Task Forces to the East Coast to strengthen the coronavirus relief programs and arrest the spread of disease.

U.S. Army Moves UAMTF to East Cost to Support Coronavirus Relief Effort

Four task forces traveled to New York, three are deploying to New Jersey, and one is headed to Connecticut, stated Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy. McCarthy talked about the task forces and other measures the Army is discussing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic during a media roundtable Friday at the Pentagon.

Military scientists at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command at Fort Detrick, Maryland, have been working with researchers from across the globe on COVID-19 vaccines. McCarthy stated six possible vaccines have served the most promise; four are being tested on animals, and two on human subjects.

Moreover, two troopers diagnosed with coronavirus were given an antiviral drug used to treat the Ebola virus, and they successfully recovered, McCarthy stated.

McCarthy, who met with USAMRDC Commander Brig. Gen. Michael Talley, stated the analysis staff has been working relentlessly to find a potential vaccine.

To build the Urban Augmentation Medical Task Forces, the Military called up medical professionals from Army Reserve units across the U.S.

The Reserve volunteers had been vetted to ensure they weren’t already engaged in the battle against coronavirus in their own communities.