U.S. Army to Receive Modern and High-pace Helicopters

The U.S. Military is working to receive modern and high-pace helicopters in the near future to replace a line of attack reconnaissance aircraft in service.

U.S. Army to Receive Modern and High-pace Helicopters

As part of the Army’s Future Vertical Lift modernization priority, the competition to design, build, and test the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) Competitive Prototype is progressing forward of schedule and exceeding expectations along the way.

This out-front platform will fly into the most demanding and contested settings and requires maximum efficiency in a small package.

So far, the Military has narrowed the field of candidates for its FARA, which aims to switch the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and some of the Apache helicopter fleet.

The RAIDER X, built by Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky, based on Sikorsky X2 Technology, has been chosen for the second phase of this system.

The first time battle-proven pilot Bill Fell flew in a Sikorsky X2 Technology helicopter, and he knew the rotary-wing game had altered.

X2 aircraft has achieved speeds higher than 250 knots, low-speed and high-speed maneuverability at 60-plus degrees of a financial institution, and the ability to hover in excessive altitudes and hot conditions, amongst other advanced capabilities.

Combine X2 with the Sikorsky’s co-axial design, and army aviation has met the future of vertical lift, Fell says.