China Purportedly Begins Shipment of Modern VT4 Battle Tanks to Pakistan

Inner Mongolia First Machinqa unit of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO), reportedly starts delivering new VT4 main battle tanks to Pakistan.

China Purportedly Begins Shipment of Modern VT4 Battle Tanks to Pakistan

In mid-April 2020, at the Chinese tank manufacturing unit situated in Baotou in the province of Inner Mongolia, was held the ceremony of delivery of the first batch of VT4 main battle tanks outfitted with explosive reactive armor (ERA) (Option FY-IV) for a foreign buyer.

Chinese media reported that Pakistan is a foreign buyer for these tanks that were manufactured after the country emerges from the coronavirus crisis.

Last year, the Pakistan Army Armoured Corps selected the Chinese VT4 tank – produced by Norinco – to fulfill requirements for procuring lots of new major battle tanks.

A military analyst, Muzammil Hatami, declared the selection of the Norinco VT4 for increasing of Pakistani armored vehicle fleet.

The VT4 is a 3rd-generation MBT provided for export by Norinco. It’s an improvement over the Al-Khalid MBT (also called MBT-2000), which is presently in service with Pakistan Military, though it retains the 125 mm main gun, carousel auto-loader, and crew configuration of the older vehicle.

Despite the fact that the future tank’s tender particulars kept as a secret, it was reported that Pakistan might procure nearly 100 MBTs so as to meet the shortage of MBT production in the nation.