U.S. Army Chooses ECS For Development of AI Platform

ECS, an American chief in advanced technology and engineering options, has been awarded an $83 million U.S. Military contract for an artificial intelligence platform.

U.S. Army Chooses ECS For Development of AI Platform

The United States Department of Defense has contracted ECS to develop combined artificial intelligence (AI)-platform prototypes enhance, in line with a recent service news release.

Managed by the U.S. Military Contracting Command, the new deal is a 3-year cost-plus-mounted-fee contract with an estimated completion date of March 26, 2023.

AI already surrounds us in our units, cars, and homes. Humans accumulate capabilities and take them for granted as their benefits accrue.

AI-based systems already permeate our daily lives. The list of the world’s greatest companies is dominated by firms that are built on or rely closely on AI, akin to Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Amazon recently launched Rekognition, a tool for picture and video analysis that anybody can add to a software program application.

AI techniques provide predictive analysis to interpret human inputs, decide what we most likely need, and then present us with highly related information.

AI is not a technology reserved for a handful of multimillion-greenback fighter jets. Advances in hardware technology present cheaper, smaller, more efficient processors that can be integrated affordably into individual Soldier gear and fielded by the hundreds of thousands.