Royal Netherlands Navy Looking Forward to Underwater Robots

Defensie Materieel Organisatie recently sealed a deal with Saab for the supply of Sea Wasp ROVs for the Koninklijke Marine, Gabriel Alberto Bazzolo wrote in his blog.

Royal Netherlands Navy Looking Forward to Underwater Robots

This small and flexible underwater robot is appropriate for a wide range of underwater operations.

Defensie Materieel Organisatie under Ministerie van Defense (MoD) ensures that troopers can work with trendy, sturdy, and safe tools.

With an initial weight of 75 kg, Sea Wasp is a relatively small and flexible ROV that can be used for a variety of underwater operations, both inside the commercial and army industries.

Sea Wasp can, for instance, be utilized for sea mine detection and other reconnaissance operations.

Sea Wasp ROV is predicated on the Saab Seaeye range of commercial ROVs. His modular design permits the ship to be configured to meet mission-specific requirements. The system is made up of a car, generator, pilot station, hand winch, and a power supply unit.

The car measures 1.7m-long, 0.5m-wide and 0.4m-high and weighs roughly 90kg.

ROV is connected with an ECA electrical five-function manipulator arm, which lets it use a variety of tools and methods to eliminate IEDs and explosives. This arm with a connected camera is capable of positioning a disruptor near the goal for detonation.

Engineered with mobility in mind, the Sea Wasp is a two-man portable system that features an automobile, generator, pilot station hand winch and power supply unit.