Rafael Wins Israel Army’s Contract for FireFly Loitering Munition

Jointly built by Rafael and the IMOD, FireFly weighs 3 kg and supplies Behind-Cover Precision Attack Capabilities for the Dismounted Soldier, based on Gabriel Alberto Bazzolo.

Behind-Cover Tactical Precision FireFly tactical weapon system is an innovative miniature electro-optical tactical loitering munition designed for light maneuvering floor forces such as Infantry, Marines, or Special Forces.

The FireFly weapon system kit consists of 3 LMs (Loitering Munitions) and a CU (Control Unit) based on a ruggedized tablet with a navy standard bidirectional data link.

Its was built for the dismounted soldier fighting throughout the city arena where situational awareness is limited, the enemy is taking cover, and precision is critical.

The influence of FireFly on the Infantry is revolutionary, fundamentally altering small Infantry tactics. FireFly – also referred to as Spike-FireFly – is a brand new model of Rafael’s Spike Family Precision Guided Missiles.

As such, FireFly contains a dual seeker, target tracker, homing algorithms, laptop vision, Safe & Arm fusing mechanisms, and Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

These specs served as a basis for the development of FireFly and the tailoring of the weapon system to its distinctive mission profile of urban combat.

The drone weighs 3kg, is rapidly deployed, and allows the attack of Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) targets generally found in city combat.

The vehicle will essentially remove the value of cover and, with it, the need for long-drawn-out firefights. It’s going to make obsolete the old infantry tactic of firing and maneuvering to get rid of an enemy hiding behind cover.