Spanish A400M Atlas Get Hits By Bird While Touching Down

Spanish Air Force A400M Atlas army transport plane suffered a bird strike while landing in Zaragoza.

Spanish A400M Atlas Get Hits By Bird While Touching Down

The bird-aircraft collision occurred when an A400M was performing a landing to Zaragoza Air Base, in accordance with the Breaking Aviation.

The plane efficiently landed and performed a roll-out as the captain informed Air Base tower that they had struck a bird shortly before touching down.

There were no casualties in the incident although the plane suffered substantial harm to its under-fuselage near one of the aft wheel well.

The first A400M was shipped to Spain back in November 2016. The primary 14 planes are anticipated to be shipped by 2022, and the remaining 13 shall be delivered from 2025.

The Airbus’ website stated the A400M Atlas is the most advanced, proven and licensed airlifter available, combining 21st-century state-of-the-art technologies to meet the current and upcoming armed forces’ standards.

The A400M integrates the capability to carry strategic loads with the flexibility to deliver even into tactical areas with small and unprepared airstrips and can act as a frontline-tanker. One plane that has the strength of three A400M.