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About Us

Hoboken Observer was founded to bring insight, meaning—and now and then, the lulz—to the technology sector. However, we didn’t wish to stop there. Today, the group sits with long time tech publishers, such as The Verge, TechCrunch, Cnet, and many others.

In the year 2005, our founders Shean and Richard were seeking to showcase their new startup. When they couldn’t find a platform for the same, they decided to arrange their own. As they were preparing for the event, they realized they needed to promote and advertise the event somewhere, and that’s how the idea of Hoboken Observer arose in their brilliant minds. Later it turned into a blog, and the outcome is what you are looking at right now.

We are a future-proof tech news online publisher focusing on the cross-generational audience and helping them get the most out of technology through informative stories and product insights. There’s a vast and ever-growing audience base that takes a special interest in technology and innovation. Their appetite for information is increasing, and we are here to fulfill their minds.

Hoboken Observer is well known for sharing, inventing, and advancing technology and innovations since the time of establishment.